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Why The Data Center Needs AOC?
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40G AOC have began to import the data centre in the whole world. Compared with 40G DAC copper cable, 40G AOC owns an incomparable advantage in more than 7 meters data transmission environment, including lighter, prone to bending, easier to manage, longer distance signal transmission, etc. The full-duplex component structure is as below:

In the data center, we can also achieve the purpose above, if using the 40G SR4 optical module.

The Variance analysis of the 40G AOC and the SR4 module by Gigalight are as below:

1) Insertion loss analysis: For the current process and design, the repeatability and interchangeability performance of the SR4 optical module's interface is inferior to the 40G AOC under the same transmission distance. For the SR4 optical module, it is common that the different optical fiber patch cords plugging in the same module will have the different insertion loss and return loss. But the related metrics such as the testing eye pattern will have no significant changes so long as the variation in and conformed to the scope .A nice AOC can basically keep stable in this aspect and have better swing performance. The repeatability testing result of AOC are as below,it shows a great volatility.

QSFP_SR4 pluggable repeatability testing data




































Max variation





2)Four quadrant test: It means that testing under the four combinations of input voltage and signal amplitude and guaranteed to keep product's performance between the lowest and highest voltage and temperature.AOC need to ensure it's MPO interface and optical cable won't be melted at high temperature by four quadrant test of wide temperature range. The low and high performance change of Gigalight's MPO interface can satisfy the variation within 0.3dB,and the PEI material it used can have temperature resistant for at least 120℃. As a product of integration in shape .Integrated test ensure the product's performance, it may more be prudent than the MPO jumper which is used the indeterminacy performance 's SR4 module. Compared with SR4 which ensure it's quality by light eye pattern.AOC judge the index by electric eye pattern.

3)DDM monitoring: SR4 have DDM monitoring function can ensure it's optimal coupling by the ADC value of real-time monitoring receiver when receive coupling. So SR4 will be better than AOC in receiving sensitivity. But the SR4 light module and 40G AOC have not yet reached the function of real-time power monitoring

4)Transmission distance: There are no significant differences between both of them on OM3 optical fiber. But SR4 optical module can control the performance better. Supposed to use SR4 if necessary to implement the long transmission distance(>300m).

Summary: Proposed to use active optical cable (AOC) if based on inner data center's data connection. Because better consistency and repeatability of this AOC's wiring and both sides sealed make them easier to avoid the influence of the environment &vibration &swing. It is easy to switch directly if there is a failure, and no need to do a series termination plug test of SR4 optical module and MPO jumper on-site, which save the costs. The free warranty time of AOC we provide to any user are more than 5 years, because AOC is not easy to damage, so it is durable.


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